Wednesday, 31 March 2010

DUP follow our lead again

It would appear that where Conservatives and Unionists lead, the DUP follows.

Last week they finally capitulated to Conservatives and Unionists pressure on double jobbing. This week they have come out in support of our policy on a UK Bill of Rights. And of course we cannot forget the big volte face they made in following us in the Assembly.

While they might follow our lead, however, there is a crucial difference between us.

The DUP will never be in a position to replace Labour’s Human Rights Act with a UK Bill of Rights because the DUP will never form or be part of the UK Government.

Conservatives and Unionists are the only party standing in Northern Ireland that can possibly form the government of the UK and deliver the change we need.


  1. you seriously need to work on presentation. the above is a disgrace

  2. Well said Daphne. If the Northern Ireland electorate want a real say and ability to catalyse change at Westminster, the (only) and therefore clear choice is the UUP. I fear the DUP will continue with a myopic and introspective programme as evidenced throughout its 'period of resurgence'.