Sunday, 2 May 2010

The start of a new era

Husband David was doing the grocery shopping in Tesco’s, as he has done since the campaign started. At the checkout, the girl on the checkout desk asked him how my campaign was going, and he replied conventionally.

She then said, 'I see it as the start of a new era'.

That is truly what we want to deliver, locally in Lagan Valley, across Northern Ireland, and nationwide.


  1. Well at last it is an opportunity to vote in a candidate who will actually form part of the Government. Why would anyone want to vote in a NI nationalist party (e.g. DUP) knowing they will form part of the opposition. If people want to influence the tough decisions, then they need to be involved in them. It is all too easy for DUP to say that they would resist Conservative plans to reduce waste becasue they know they will never have the power to take such a decision. Whilst Donaldson is a good politician, I think is fooling his electorate on this occassion. Although I'd prefer it if Daphne disposed of her link to the NI nationalist UUP, I will definitely be backing her to support in bringing about REAL change in this part of the UK. Best of luck to Daphne and all her campaign team.

  2. Donaldson was schooled by politicians of a bygone age and has always practiced the politics of a bygone age. It's time to vote for change