Wednesday, 7 April 2010

A good day on the doorsteps in Lisburn.

Today was sunny and warm, and a surprisingly high number of people were at home this afternoon when we called. At both the afternoon and evening canvass sessions, my team was well received. Most people are responding positively to the key message that we are offering change in politics in Northern Ireland, and that for the first time in many years a vote for me is also a vote for David Cameron and a vote to get rid of Gordon Brown.

We are bringing Northern Ireland right into mainstream UK politics, and this is the logical place for any Unionist to be.

Many electors are put off by the stories of sleaze and expenses; and no wonder. I am promising honest politics. I am promising hard work for the people of Lagan Valley, representing them full time at Westminster.

People are disgusted by the attempts of a Sinn Fein minister to wreck our education. I will work with my colleagues in the Assembly to ensure she does not get her way, and to sort out the problems with the transfer procedure.

We are still finding that people are not on the register, and lots need a postal vote. Please do make sure you are registered to vote and if you can't make it to the ballot box on 6 May make sure you get a postal or proxy vote. Phone the electoral office on 0800 4320 712 or visit There is still time, but it must be done quickly.

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