Monday, 19 April 2010

An interesting contrast during Saturday afternoon’s canvass in Lisburn

We met two voters who told us that they had always been strong Alliance supporters, but this time they were going to vote for Conservatives and Unionists. They both said that they approved of the link up because it brings Northern Ireland closer to normal politics.

On the other hand we met a voter who said that he had always voted Ulster Unionist in Westminster, but could not do so this time because he was a natural Labour supporter and could not vote Conservative. He told us that in recent PR elections for the Council or Assembly he voted UU and SDLP.

We suggested to him that he might consider a tactical vote.

Despite repeated efforts by Northern Ireland based Labour supporters, Labour still refused to put up candidates here. But if Conservatives do well here in this election then there will be immense pressure in Labour to put up candidates in the next election and so bring us another step closer to normal politics.

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