Thursday, 15 April 2010

Some campaigning pics

Today we went to the Electoral Office in Banbridge to nominate. While forming up for a photo by the local press this snap was taken. There will be no prizes for spotting the prominent member of the Upper Bann Association who happened to be passing and quickly donned a rosette for the occasion.

This was the first outing in campaigning rig of our rather elderly Espace which had spent the previous day being decorated as below.

A couple of days ago we had a visit by Conservative shadow agriculture minister Jim Paice. He was accompanied by our MEP, Jim Nicholson. I happened to have a trailer with my poster handy. This is an informal shot while preparing for the press.

The two Jims then proceeded to the farm of Joanne Dobson, who so convincingly won the Lurgan by election in January. Here they are pictured accompanied on the left by Upper Bann Assembly member George Savage and on the right by Upper Bann Conservative and Unionist candidate Harry Hamilton. Harry’s campaign is going very well. David and I spent some time with him in Portadown last Friday and we are really looking forward to him taking that seat back.

While at Joanne’s a camera crew arrived for an interview.

In between these we have some pictures of a morning spent canvassing in Lisburn market.

Here I being accompanied by an old friend, Councillor Ronnie Crawford, who has just completed his term as Mayor of Lisburn .

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  1. > ... Councillor Ronnie Crawford, who has just completed his term as Mayor of Lisburn

    He completed his term when the current DUP mayor was elected on 22 June 2009. That's ten months ago!